Facing Personal Truth – Some Practical Advice

“The only way I can progress consistently and without limit is to emotionally accept that I am in a condition of error, that only God is the source of Absolute Truth, and that I must generate within me a pure desire to seek for and find His Truth. This is the only path that will set me free. To do this, I must begin to see myself how God sees me, and I must desire from the heart to come to know Him and His Truths. I must become God-reliant. A side benefit of this course of action is that I will also come to know myself completely, and I will place myself in the condition of being able to receive God’s Divine Love consistently. His Love is the only substance that can transform me into a Divine Angel, and it will also create within me untold happiness.

If I am not conscious of the Divine Love entering my soul, and assuming I think I desire it to enter me, then there must be something wrong within myself for this condition to exist. Although I think I desire His Love, I must not have a sincerely motivated pure desire for it. So I must question my self truthfully and openly if I want to move beyond this condition of stagnation in regards to receiving and experiencing my Father’s Love.

I do this by asking myself a few important questions on a daily basis. These are:

What events are currently happening in my life that demonstrate I am out of harmony with God’s Love, and how have I attracted these events to my life?
What emotions within me are triggered by these events and are those emotions in harmony with Truth and Love?
Do I feel any emotional or physical pain? If so, what reasons within my beliefs, emotions, desires or passions could there be for my experiencing this pain?
How do I portray myself to others? Am I being emotionally truthful and open?
Am I still doing things that God or a celestial angel would not do?
How do I really feel inside, and what tools am I using to deny my feelings?
Have all my actions been moral and ethical? If not, what is the emotional cause for my being immoral or unethical?

As most who know me realize, I have a notebook with me most of the time. I then use this notebook to write down things that I notice in my life that are not in harmony with my Father’s Laws of Love, based on my own honest answers to these questions. I then make those subjects a matter for prayer with my Father.

Coming from a condition of sin, sometimes during my progression I have felt physical pain and yet not been able to identify its emotional or spiritual cause. Or I have experienced frustration. During this time I make the subject a matter of intense prayer to my Father, asking Him to demonstrate to me using whatever methods are at His disposal over the next few days what the true cause may be. I then make an effort to take notice of the events and circumstances that happen over the next few days to see what my Father is telling me is the cause of the issue. I am particularly careful to take notice of everything, even those things of what may normally be called minor, since I have found that it is often the instant mental dismissal of something that has been presented to me many times that has been the cause of the stagnation. He is so Merciful and Generous towards me that He keeps on showing me what is wrong within me even when I have repeatedly ignored the issue, and the closer I return to Him the more I remember the consistency of His Love.

I do these things and much more because what I desire the most in my life is to know my Creator intimately. This desire has been with me for as long as I can remember. My relationship with Him is my passion. He is my never-ending love. It is difficult for me to describe in words how intense this desire for God is within me, and I cannot keep from weeping just thinking about it. Every other desire within me is subservient. I realize that I cannot keep coming closer to Him without confronting all and any error within me that keeps me distant from Him, and just as my desire for Him is personal, passionate and real, so too I take personal responsibility for the condition within me that prevents my progression towards Him. While my soul exists, this will forever be the state I seek.

It is not possible to reach God without facing personal truth, without seeing things as they really are within our own personal emotional and spiritual condition. We cannot fake it until we make it, we cannot counterfeit passion for God; it either exists as a real substantial emotional feeling, or it does not exist and needs to be developed and nurtured by coming to know the Divine Truth. We cannot fake a desire for Divine Truth; we either have a passion for knowledge, or we need to be willing to remove the emotions within us that cause us to reject it.

So rather than becoming frustrated with your progression, allow yourselves to re-examine your own feelings, desires, passions and longings, and be totally willing to face the Truth about yourself as God sees you. If you do, you will find that your relationship with Him will forever grow.

This an excerpt from the original document which can be found here http://www.divinetruth.com/PDF/Books/SelfPrint/A4/Qualities%20Of%20Divine%20Truth%20&%20Facing%20Personal%20Truth%20%28A4%29.pdf


The Simplicity of Prayer and Trusting our own feelings

“Now many spirits in the spirit world can actually see the connection, there is a physical connection that occurs between God and them. There’s actually an energy stream that gets set up. The Holy Spirit is an actual energy stream. You could think of it like, if you want to make some kind of concept, this is not true, but if you can think of it like some sort of concept like a little wormhole coming from somewhere to a person, this little cord coming. And in the spirit world you can actually see it coming when the person has an actual desire or a longing, a pure longing for God’s Love.
Now the problem we have here on Earth is you can’t see that. All you can do is feel it. Now when I say it’s a problem, I don’t really believe it’s a very big problem, because at some point you’ve got to start trusting your own feelings. At some point, when are you going to do that? You might as well start with this one, start trusting the feeling of love entering you from God. So, what I’m saying is, see God as the most ideal being you could ever perceive, with regard to love. And then start projecting at that being, the feelings that you want to have a relationship with them. (00:56.08)

That’s what prayer is. And that’s what I was talking about with this group of people in the first century and that’s what I’ve been talking about ever since. The reason why it’s such a simple concept, it’s such a simple concept a child can understand it, and yet the majority of people think it’s far too simple, so, “I’m not going to do that. I would rather go along to a mediumship class for three months, talking about how to talk to a spirit and I’d rather do this and I’d rather do that, and I’d rather do this other work and be involved in all these metaphysical things than actually develop myself with love.” (00:56.43)

What I’m suggesting is do the opposite to that. Focus on your love development first and let everything else slide. Because as you develop your love, your joy will increase, your wonder will increase, everything will increase if you focus on the love first. (00:56.59)”

(Relationship with God: Praying for Divine Love)

Discussion on Solomon’s Message – The Importance of God’s Love

“So perhaps we can talk firstly about the importance of God’s Love, and what it does for the soul. (Mary: Great), Because that is the thing that comes from God, what Solomon says is the greatest thing that comes from God and I would agree with that, the greatest thing that I’ve experienced from God is this love that comes from God. It transforms everything else, it gives you all knowledge in the end as well if you put it into practice in your day-to-day life, all other knowledge comes to you as well. SO IF WE REALLY VALUED IT WE WOULD PLACE IT AS A HIGH PRIORITY IN OUR LIFE. IN FACT, IF WE VALUED IT TO ITS WORTH, IN OTHER WORDS IF WE VALUED GOD’S LOVE TO WHAT GOD’S LOVE WAS ACTUALLY WORTH, WE WOULD FIND THAT WE’D BE SPENDING A LOT LESS TIME DOING MUNDANE THINGS IN OUR DAY TO DAY LIFE AND A LOT MORE TIME DEVELOPING THIS RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THAN THE MAJORITY OF US ARE DOING. So this I feel indicates that the majority of us, we do not value God’s love and we do not understand its transformational nature upon the soul. Instead what we do, we are still self-reliant, we are still relying on SOME EFFORT on our own behalf, and as a result we often get very distracted. We often go off searching for other truths rather than focussing our attention on this one main truth and then allowing all the other truths to come to us as time goes on. As we receive the love more and more of these truths will come to us. And I feel for the majority of the people who have come to hear the message of the Divine Truth, there is still a focus on all of the truth, without there being a major focus on all of the love we can receive from God. You see it is not the truth that transforms us and we need to understand that. We need to get that it is not the truth that transforms us, it opens the doorway to transforming us but it isn’t the truth itself that transforms us it’s LOVE that transforms us and it’s not our own love that transforms us it’s God’s Love entering the soul that transforms us. We need to understand the importance of receiving God’s love in our day-to-day life if we truly want to become more loving individuals.”

Receiving God’s Love – Resistance to Prayer and Faith

Extracted from 20131019 – General Discussion from People in Philadelphia S1:

The discussion had looked at  5 important qualities to develop:


Participant: For me, prayer is where I am gaining all this new knowledge and all of this new understanding and all of the courage to feel what I am afraid to feel and all of that so “Where does prayer fit in?” is my question.

AJ: Well prayer fits in on all of them obviously. All of these aspects of ourselves that we need to develop, can only really be developed by receiving love from God in the end and the only way in which to receive love from God is to pray as long as we know what prayer is, which in the end is having a heartfelt passionate desire to receive love from God. So yes, that is a very powerful transformative process. However it’s very simple to answer “prayer”, whereas the answer to all these things is far more complex.

So the way I feel about prayer is, that it fits into every one of these things (Faith, Will, Humility, Truth and Love). It’s a bit like most other things we can choose to do, they fit into one of these 5 things somewhere so while I agree with you that prayer – the two most important things in the universe are prayer and faith. Prayer in other words, the desire to receive love from God, as a passionate feeling and Faith that we are going to receive it, faith that it is possible, those two things are very, very essential and are the most important things. They are not necessarily the things that we will ask lots of our questions about, because usually it is other areas of our life that are causing us to not pray and it is other areas of our life that are causing us to not have faith, and it is other areas of our life that cause us to not ask God for love and it is other feelings and emotions that we are trying to shut down that cause us not to allow ourselves to go through those two basic things. So this is why these questions involving these things are quite important because it breaks down our resistance to prayer.

 If you have no faith, you will not pray.

 If you do not use your will to pray, you will not pray.

 If you do not have a humble heart, you will not receive love, you will not even desire it in many cases.

 If you do not have an openness to feeling an emotion of love, you will not pray.

So while prayer affects every one of these things, it’s knowing more about any of these things that helps break down your resistance to prayer and the main problem that we have is that we have resistance to prayer, resistance to faith – they are our primary problems. If we had no resistance and no resistance to faith, we would all already be at one with God as soon as we had a desire to have a relationship with God. It is only our resistance to prayer and our resistance to faith that causes us to not be right at this moment at one with God. So if we are going to ask questions, we are best focusing on where our resistances are – what is going to help us open up to prayer, what is going to help us open up to faith and these are the things that we will need to develop in order for those things to occur.

Without faith you will not pray.

Without using your will or understanding how your will works, you will not pray. This one here (using your will) is very much about your soul – what is your soul?- how do you pray? Do you pray from your mind or how do you pray? That is all about understanding the soul-the will of the soul. So i still feel that these are the questions that we will focus on, because they will break down your resistance to your relationship with God. If none of us had resistance to our relationship with god, then we would have one to the point of at-one-ment with god. So it’s only our resistance that causes that process to occur.


God’s Love – Extract from A Message from Ann Rollins received by James Padgett 31.03.1915

“God is Love. Man has a natural love, but this natural love is not sufficient to enable him to find these great means that I speak of. Only the Divine Love of the Father, and He is willing that all men should have this Love. It is free and waiting to be bestowed upon all men. But strange as it may seem, God will not, and I might say, cannot, bestow this Love unless man seeks for It, and asks for It in earnestness and faith.

The will of man is a wonderful thing, and stands between him and this love, if he fails to exercise this will in seeking for it. No man can secure it against his will. What a wonderful thing is man’s will, and how he should study and learn what a great part of his being it is.

The Love of the Father comes only into a man’s soul when he seeks It in prayer and faith, and of course this implies that he wills It to come to him. No man is ever refused this Love when he properly asks for It.”

The Need for Emotional Processing – Solomon’s Message 20.04.1916


“[00:24:31.17](AJ:) So emotional processing, if we can call it such a thing, is actually very simple. When I long for God’s Love to enter, there will be a fear that comes up or some other false belief that comes up inside of my soul, and there’s the emotion. Pretty easy. Feel that one and you’ll have some more of God’s Love enter you, take away of these causes that are inside of you, and then those causes won’t motivate future events as long as you live in harmony with the love that exists inside of you already, as long as you choose that.

[00:25:00.22](AJ:) Now if you choose to act in fear, then of course you’re not living in harmony with the Love that’s there already, so work through your fear. Let yourself feel your fear so that you don’t honour your fear; you honour the Love. You honour the Love even though you’re afraid. That’s what a person who receives Divine Love does.

A person who doesn’t receive Divine Love honours their fear every single time, whatever love they have, they honour their fear every single time. A person who receives Divine Love and is sincere in their relationship with God receives Divine Love, feels the Love motivating them down a certain point, feels the fear get triggered, and then of course they go, “Okay, what’s wrong here? Not the love. It’s the fear; that’s the thing I need to throw out here.” So I let myself feel it. I experience it, throw it out the window by experiencing it. Allow yourself to experience the fear, allow yourself to shake and do whatever you need to experience the fear and hold on to the Love, hold on to the Love that you’ve received. Base every decision that you make upon the Love that you’ve received.”