God Does Not Respond to Addictive Demands

“Participant: I’m starting to realise that if we have a really strong desire for God it could be an addiction expecting Him to love us.

Jesus: We have a lot of addictions with God. And in fact God doesn’t respond to addictive demands. That’s one thing we need to remember about God.

So this is one way that we can tell whether we have addictions with God. We pray, we pray, we pray, we pray… nothing happens. We pray, we pray… nothing happens. We pray, we pray… nothing happens. We pray… now, ” F you, God, I’m not praying no more”. That tells me that all the previous prayers were all addictions. They were all demands because remember the anger-based response is when the addiction or expectation or demand is not being met.

The truth is you will never get angry when you’re out of your addictions. You’ll never get angry again. I’m not talking about the childhood anger, where you’re processing an emotion and you’re laying on the ground just having a good scream, I’m talking about the adult anger where you’re just in a rage because something that you wanted did not happen. And because something we wanted didn’t happen we turned to anger, and the anger is telling us that actually none of what we just did was motivated by a pure motive; it was all motivated by an unloving motive, a motive to avoid a fear, or avoid some grief, or to control.

You see the anger is a very good guide. Remember three years ago now I gave a talk about, “The Human Soul – Anger is your guide”. Many of you are yet to learn this actually; anger is your guide, telling you that, “Oh! I have an addiction, and it’s unloving. That’s what my anger is telling me.” And if I look at my expectations and demands, in that addiction, I will find and discover the fear that those demands and expectations cover. And if I let myself feel those fears, as an emotion, I will actually get to the underlying reason why I did all that in the first place, and while I’m there, now God can connect to me. And God can connect to me because I’m now in my true self, I’ve now had an awakening to what’s going on inside of my own soul because I wanted to, I made that choice to.

So when we’re in these addictions, we are so far removed from God that we have no chance of connecting. We need to go in and down to get to the connection point.

So we need to go into the anger, we go, “Okay I’m angry, I’m angry. I admit that I’m angry. Okay there’s an addiction in play. I’m angry so there’s got to be an addiction.” And even at that point most of us go, “No it’s your fault I’m angry.” For example, “It was my husband’s fault; he didn’t do the right thing by me.” Or, “It was my wife’s fault or my children’s fault.” It’s always somebody else’s fault, right? No, it’s because you have expectations and demands that you’re angry, that’s the only reason why you’re angry. So it’s within me – my expectations, my demands – that create this rage within me. So I go, “Okay, there’s an addiction inside of me that I desperately do not want to release. What is it?”

This is where prayer now comes into effect – where we can start praying for God to help us with finding what it is. Talk to our spirit guides who can lead us to show us what it is.”

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPbW3jUH0V8


Discussion on Solomon’s Message – The Importance of God’s Love

“So perhaps we can talk firstly about the importance of God’s Love, and what it does for the soul. (Mary: Great), Because that is the thing that comes from God, what Solomon says is the greatest thing that comes from God and I would agree with that, the greatest thing that I’ve experienced from God is this love that comes from God. It transforms everything else, it gives you all knowledge in the end as well if you put it into practice in your day-to-day life, all other knowledge comes to you as well. SO IF WE REALLY VALUED IT WE WOULD PLACE IT AS A HIGH PRIORITY IN OUR LIFE. IN FACT, IF WE VALUED IT TO ITS WORTH, IN OTHER WORDS IF WE VALUED GOD’S LOVE TO WHAT GOD’S LOVE WAS ACTUALLY WORTH, WE WOULD FIND THAT WE’D BE SPENDING A LOT LESS TIME DOING MUNDANE THINGS IN OUR DAY TO DAY LIFE AND A LOT MORE TIME DEVELOPING THIS RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THAN THE MAJORITY OF US ARE DOING. So this I feel indicates that the majority of us, we do not value God’s love and we do not understand its transformational nature upon the soul. Instead what we do, we are still self-reliant, we are still relying on SOME EFFORT on our own behalf, and as a result we often get very distracted. We often go off searching for other truths rather than focussing our attention on this one main truth and then allowing all the other truths to come to us as time goes on. As we receive the love more and more of these truths will come to us. And I feel for the majority of the people who have come to hear the message of the Divine Truth, there is still a focus on all of the truth, without there being a major focus on all of the love we can receive from God. You see it is not the truth that transforms us and we need to understand that. We need to get that it is not the truth that transforms us, it opens the doorway to transforming us but it isn’t the truth itself that transforms us it’s LOVE that transforms us and it’s not our own love that transforms us it’s God’s Love entering the soul that transforms us. We need to understand the importance of receiving God’s love in our day-to-day life if we truly want to become more loving individuals.”

Asking Questions of God

“The more we study prayer, the more we see that it has to have a lot of sincerity in it. When you come up and ask me a question there is not a single question that you cannot ask me that you couldn’t ask God first. Is that not true and in my opinion, God’s a much better person to ask because she actually knows the answers better than I do. It would make sense to me, that the person to ask would be the person who knows the answers. And the other beauty of asking God, is God’s on your shoulder every single moment of your life. God can give you instant answers, God is able to give attention equally to all of her children including you. If you develop your relationship with God through prayer, all the answers will come to you, just like everything I ask for comes to me in exactly the same manner in fact. And God doesn’t think I’m special and you’re not. God doesn’t feel that way. God is not like a parent on earth that is “Yes I’ve got my special son but all the others – ew! God’s not like that. No God’s going “All my sons and daughters are special to me. I want to engage with them individually, equally.” Every time you place me in the position of answering your questions, you are forgetting how important your relationship with God is and how unimportant your relationship with me is. Your relationship with God is going to change your life, it’s going to change your soul. Your relationship with me can’t do any of those things. I can’t change your life, I can’t give you God’s love and I can’t change your soul. I can make some suggestions. that’s all I can do. I can’t do anything else for you. God can do all these other things that I can’t do and I’ll never be able to do them….You seem to have concepts that God is limited because you can’t see her and you can’t feel her and none of that is true.God is immensely infinite in power and in understanding and in love. God can share with billions  and billions and billions  of people at the same time, the truth and give each single one of these people just perfect responses every  single time. God can give you every single thing you need, every single thing…….So I say to you question your attitude if you are not getting an answer. God is really interested in you becoming the best you can be. That’s God’s primary objective – helping you become what she designed you to become, if you choose it.”