God’s Truth is Infinite and Welcoming Release of Our Feelings.

“Jesus: One of the things we understand when we understand that God’s truth is infinite is we understand that we are a work in progress. That means emotionally and our character is a work in progress. Now for our character to change and become more God like, we are going to have release error. And releasing of error can only occur if we understand how the human soul functions, which is another set of FAQ’s, we understand the only way we can release error is not by trying to overcome it with intellectual truth but rather by the releasing of emotions that cause the blockage of the absorption of truth.

Now we wouldn’t then avoid that process if understood that God’s truth is infinite. We would go, OK, if God’s truth is infinite, I am faced with a future life of infinite growth. That means infinite change. That means that at some point I am going to have to give up my feelings that are out of harmony with God’s Truth and Love. At some point, I am going to have to experience them to release them.

So if I understand this fully, I wouldn’t avoid the experience. I would enjoy the experience because I would know every time I am experiencing something; I am releasing something, and therefore getting closer to God’s truth on that particular subject.

Mary: And I think that is a very beautiful place we can reach where we realize, wow, this is an infinite process and if I can welcome what is coming to me, I will just keep growing eternally. I see a lot of people perhaps have a goal in mind, like I want to be clear of this thing or I want to get better at that thing.”


From Divine Truth FAQ Channel Quality 1 What does knowing Divine Truth is infinte look like for me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkjsiv_Goe0&feature=youtu.be

8mins 35s to 13mins 31 secs


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