Self- Love

“So if you can, over the coming months, start looking at this issue of love of self in a much deeper way. The biggest hurt in the human race is this lack of love of self and this inability to even forgive yourself, let alone anyone else. And if you can allow yourself to work through that emotionally by feeling the emotions that you have about yourself, the shame you feel about yourself, the guilt you have towards yourself. All of these different emotions you have about yourself, the sadness that you have about yourself, how you haven’t realised your potential and how you feel about that inside of yourself. And if you forgive yourself for all of these things by feeling those emotions and releasing them and talking to God and feeling Divine Love flow through into you, what will happen is in the end you’ll not remember those emotions anymore. You’ll be able to remember every single thing, every single event in your life and you’ll not have any judgement of yourself about it. And you will not think, but you will feel that you are the same as every other person; you will actually feel that you are the same as the persons who are right now living up in the twenty second sphere state in an at-onement condition; you will feel that you’re equal to them. Imagine that. How many times today on earth do you feel you are not equal to somebody? Why do we glorify people on earth, why do we treat them differently? Because we feel we are not equal to them. Imagine if you released all of those emotions in yourself and forgave yourself for every single thing that you‘ve been ashamed about in your life, you’ll get to a point where you’ll actually now feel inside of yourself as an emotion that you are the same as anyone else.”


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