Processing Addictions Tool 4 : What fear causes the expectation?

“So we decide that “I want to know all of my addictions”, we make a list of everything that makes you angry, and we define our expectations; we are yet really to process emotion except for perhaps the emotion of “I’m bad”. We’re probably in that by this stage. So what do we do next? What do we do? We need to get somehow from the expectation into the emotional reason why we have the expectation.
Discover, and make a list if you want, of what fear causes the expectation? Now for many of us, when you get to the stage of defining your expectations, many of you will automatically get into emotions many times, because just the process of actually describing the expectations to yourself opens you up emotionally and you start actually connecting to why you have those expectations, and that often straight away triggers you emotionally. But if it doesn’t, if we make a list about the fears related to the expectations. [00:39:44]”

(The Human Soul: Processing Addicitions)


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