Discussion on Solomon’s Message – The Importance of God’s Love

“So perhaps we can talk firstly about the importance of God’s Love, and what it does for the soul. (Mary: Great), Because that is the thing that comes from God, what Solomon says is the greatest thing that comes from God and I would agree with that, the greatest thing that I’ve experienced from God is this love that comes from God. It transforms everything else, it gives you all knowledge in the end as well if you put it into practice in your day-to-day life, all other knowledge comes to you as well. SO IF WE REALLY VALUED IT WE WOULD PLACE IT AS A HIGH PRIORITY IN OUR LIFE. IN FACT, IF WE VALUED IT TO ITS WORTH, IN OTHER WORDS IF WE VALUED GOD’S LOVE TO WHAT GOD’S LOVE WAS ACTUALLY WORTH, WE WOULD FIND THAT WE’D BE SPENDING A LOT LESS TIME DOING MUNDANE THINGS IN OUR DAY TO DAY LIFE AND A LOT MORE TIME DEVELOPING THIS RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THAN THE MAJORITY OF US ARE DOING. So this I feel indicates that the majority of us, we do not value God’s love and we do not understand its transformational nature upon the soul. Instead what we do, we are still self-reliant, we are still relying on SOME EFFORT on our own behalf, and as a result we often get very distracted. We often go off searching for other truths rather than focussing our attention on this one main truth and then allowing all the other truths to come to us as time goes on. As we receive the love more and more of these truths will come to us. And I feel for the majority of the people who have come to hear the message of the Divine Truth, there is still a focus on all of the truth, without there being a major focus on all of the love we can receive from God. You see it is not the truth that transforms us and we need to understand that. We need to get that it is not the truth that transforms us, it opens the doorway to transforming us but it isn’t the truth itself that transforms us it’s LOVE that transforms us and it’s not our own love that transforms us it’s God’s Love entering the soul that transforms us. We need to understand the importance of receiving God’s love in our day-to-day life if we truly want to become more loving individuals.”


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