Prayer and Answers

“Let’s be more definitive about what it means to ask God?

(To earnestly feel)

(To have huge desire and openness to ask God to show us the truth.)

Desire and openness is very good. Desire often creates openness and we want to know the truth of the issue and not what we want to believe the truth to be and be willing to hear that…or feel that. Yes a desire will create a willingness to listen. How does God tell us things? If I’m not open to God and I’m not feeling God’s emotions how does God tell me things? This amazing Law of Attraction. So there would also need to be a desire and openness to feel what is happening in my attractions, that my soul is currently attracting. Many people come up to me and ask us questions, I say what have you attracted on this matter over the last week or month or whatever it is? Good now we are starting to get the feeling  of prayer. Have you taken responsibility for this yourself? So there needs to be a feeling that I want to take responsibility for this thing occurring that I am attracting in my life. I want to know not only what it is but not hope that it is  not some other person’s problem.”


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