Asking Questions and Our Own Process

An Extract From 20131114 Texas US 2013- Mary – Q & A With Audience S6

I would ask you to consider if you’ve asked yourself the same question you’re asking me? Have you pondered what you’re asking, with yourself and God, because part of what we’ve really been encouraging you towards this week is to engage your own process for yourself with God and have this introspective time and ask questions and feel, begin to feel things for yourself. I know lots of people have the addiction of wanting to know before we feel and so it can feel reassuring if one of us up here says I think that is about that emotion because of this thing in your childhood and now you go, right now I know what that is, I am going to go and feel about that and that doesn’t actually help you, it just feels like it’s going to help but in the end, you still have to face that emotion inside of yourself.


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