The Need for Emotional Processing – Solomon’s Message 20.04.1916

“[00:24:31.17](AJ:) So emotional processing, if we can call it such a thing, is actually very simple. When I long for God’s Love to enter, there will be a fear that comes up or some other false belief that comes up inside of my soul, and there’s the emotion. Pretty easy. Feel that one and you’ll have some more of God’s Love enter you, take away of these causes that are inside of you, and then those causes won’t motivate future events as long as you live in harmony with the love that exists inside of you already, as long as you choose that.

[00:25:00.22](AJ:) Now if you choose to act in fear, then of course you’re not living in harmony with the Love that’s there already, so work through your fear. Let yourself feel your fear so that you don’t honour your fear; you honour the Love. You honour the Love even though you’re afraid. That’s what a person who receives Divine Love does.

A person who doesn’t receive Divine Love honours their fear every single time, whatever love they have, they honour their fear every single time. A person who receives Divine Love and is sincere in their relationship with God receives Divine Love, feels the Love motivating them down a certain point, feels the fear get triggered, and then of course they go, “Okay, what’s wrong here? Not the love. It’s the fear; that’s the thing I need to throw out here.” So I let myself feel it. I experience it, throw it out the window by experiencing it. Allow yourself to experience the fear, allow yourself to shake and do whatever you need to experience the fear and hold on to the Love, hold on to the Love that you’ve received. Base every decision that you make upon the Love that you’ve received.”


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